Fire Fighting

Intisar (Fire and Safety Engineering Division) has been one of the forerunners in the fields of fire engineering in the Sultanate. Our professionalism and ethics have not only helped us to build a good rapport with the local authorities but has also helped us to achieve some of the biggest projects in Oman.

  • Contractual Fire Engineering Ventures
  • Bespoke Models
  • Fire Doors - Design and Installations
  • FM-200 Systems
  • Aerosol Suppression Systems
  • Transformer Fire Protection
  • Hangar Fire Protection
  • Water and Foam Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm is an important component of a fire fighting solution, it is generally the first line of defence against a fire and helps in notifying the inmates of the presence of a fire. At Intisar, we have our in house fire alarm installation teams and service technicians.

  • Conventional and Addressable Systems
  • Fire alarm systems, supported by fibre optic cables, armoured cable, four core cables.
  • Fire Doors - Design and Installations
  • Smoke, heat and multi detectors
  • Stand-alone gas detectors

Sales After Service Packages

  • We provide Sales after service and AMC packages for Fire alarm and Fire fighting works.
  • Our energetic team have been certified and professionally trained by our manufacturers.
  • We utilize state-of-art service equipments and the latest computer based programming to provide the best service to our clients.

Advanced Fire Models

Our in-house fire specialists are adept in creating 3d computer models based on bespoke projects. These models are based on CFD and are helpful in illustrating fire spread, smoke dispersion, particle density within different rooms of a particular premises.

These models are generally classified under two categories,